Breast Augmentation Revision, Re-Do Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation revision or re-do breast surgery may be done for many reasons. Sometime you may want to exchange your breast implants for a different type of implant, particularly when a new and improved implant comes on the market. You may also decide to exchange your implants for a different size, larger or smaller.
But sometimes revision surgery is done due to problems that may occur with having breast implants. If these issues do occur, it is usually over time. Some of these problems requiring revision breast surgery include:

  • a deflated or ruptured implant
  • breast sagging or drooping over an implant that is high- nipple is too low and/or breast tissue hangs off the implant. Because this can look like a snoopy dog nose, it also called a snoopy nose deformity.
  • capsular contracture- tight scar around a breast implant leading to a hard and sometimes deformed implant
  • visible implant rippling- ripples in the implant are seen through the skin
  • visibility of implant edges through the skin- folds in the implant are seen through the skin
  • malposition of the inframammary fold- the crease under the breast is lower than it should be
  • bottoming out of implants- implant sits too low
  • stretch deformity- distance from the nipple to the breast crease stretches and becomes too long
  • double bubble deformity- when the implant moves below the natural breast crease, it can look like 1 dome over another dome.
  • implant migration- movement of the implant toward the side, armpit, or other area
  • synmastia – no more space between the breasts and the breasts meet in the middle, looks like a “uni-boob”

Some of these problems develop due to stretching of the skin or thinning of the natural breast tissue over time. Sometimes aging, weight gain and loss, or pregnancy can be causes. However, others such as capsular contracture, have poorly understood causes and cannot be predicted.

There are various ways to correct these issues and improve the appearance of the breasts. As with all procedures done by Dr. Fisher, the strategy used to treat your problem is personalized to your particular case. One strategy for some of the most challenging problems includes the use of acellular dermal matrix (ADM), such as Strattice.

Strattice can be used to correct multiple problems and also can act as an internal bra.
View this video for more information about Strattice breast implant revision:

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